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Ultra-light vibration pickup

Condenser transducer in sealed enclosure

Cable with lockable miniature XLR connector

For use with B 29 L battery operated power supply
or MPA III L external phantom power adapter
or AKG WMS bodypack transmitters

Weighing only 18 grams (0.6 oz.), this ultra-light condenser pickup is ideal foracoustic guitar, mandolin, violin, and most other stringed instruments.

The C 411 will give a clear and uncolored sound without changing the balance of the instrument.

Attaching the C 411 on or near the bridge or anywhere else on the instrument is easy with the included non-marring, reusable, solventfree adhesivecompound.

The 411 L version comes with a mini XLR connector for use with B 29 L battery operated power supply, MPA III L external phantom power adapter, or AKG WMS bodypack transmitters.

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Frequency Range                               10 to 18,000 Hz

Polar Pattern                                      figure-eight (vibration pickup)

Sensitivity                                           1 mV/msec-2 (vibration pickup)

Max. SPL Capability                         100 dB (for 1% THD)

Cable                                                    C 411 L: 1.5 m (5 ft.)

Connector                                           C 411 L: 3-pin mini XLR

Impedance                                          200 ohms unbalanced

Recommended Load Impedance    >=1000 ohms

Power Requirements                          Supply voltage 9 to 52 V phantom power to DIN 45596
or battery powering from B 29 L
or AKG bodypack transmitter
Current consumption approx. 2.2 mA

Finish                                                     Matte black

Dimensions                                           27 x 14 x 9.5 mm / 1.1 x 0.5 x 0.3 in.

Net Weight                                            C 411 L: 18 g / 0.7 oz.

Shipping Weight                                  C 411 L: 150 g / 5.5 oz.